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“Dear Lord…”

“Bless my Mommy and Daddy, and my baby brother, and my three little sisters Norbert and Andy and Bernard. And help Thomas to be a Really Useful Engine. And help Lightning McQueen to be a Really Awesome Race car. Amen”

I believe that was the cutest prayer EVER.

And if I ever have 3 little girls, they will not be named Norbert and Andy and Bernard.

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A prayer

Lord keep us healthy in this household. No more sickness, no more fevers, no more colds, no more blisters, no more rashes…

Lord I pray that you keep our bodies safe, keep our minds in tip-top shape, help us to always trust in you for all our needs, and to remember that you are the one who heals us. You created us and you know how our bodies and minds work. Lord protect these children of ours. They go to daycare and are exposed to EVERYTHING. Their immune systems are developing – Lord strenghten them, cover them, protect them





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