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“What’s wrong with your eyes?”

I did a post a while back about my favorite aspects of springtime

Here are my top 10 least favorite things about spring

10) Allergies – I suffer from it. Bad

9)The weather is a bit ok, a lot bi-polar. high 70s one day, low 40s the next

8)Allergies – Mr T suffers from it. Bad.

7)Filing Taxes

6)Not knowing how to dress – too cold in the morning, too warm in the afternoon…

5)Allergies – Both Kids suffer from it. Bad.

4)Having a hard time getting the kids to bed at night, since it is still so light outside.

3)Having to work off the winter weight – I can no longer hide under a jacket or a sweater

2) Having to pack up all my cool boots and scarves.

1)Did I mention Allergies? Ugh.

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“It’s not dark enough yet”

The days had already been getting longer and longer…it wasn’t getting dark until like 7pm. Now with daylight savings thrown into the mix, for the next 6 months or so, nighttime won’t start till after 8pm.

I don’t hate daylight savings time (I like most aspects of it…) BUT I cannot seem to get up in the morning ’cause 6am or 7am is still deep darkness. The kids and the hubby have trouble getting up too. We all overslept this morning – I was frantically waking everyone up at 7:50am…(but really my body was thinking it was still 6:50am…) it is all so confusing.

For the last couple of weeks, Big T has been a little confused by how bright it’s been outside when we pick them up from the child care center around 5:45pm. Poor kid is about to get even more confused. Apparently, it has to be dark before he can go home.

In honor of daylight saving and impending warmer weather…

Top 10 things I like about spring

1)Warmer weather!

2)No more heavy coats/boots/gloves/hats

3)going for walks with the kids in the evening

4)no snow. Rain, but no snow…

5)warmer weather!!

6)flowers. Especially tulips.

7)Mothers day and Easter

8)the promise of summer 🙂

9)longer days

10) warmer weather!!!

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