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It’s been a teething few months

First the bottom 2 teeth. This was accompanied by lots of drooling

Then the top 2 started coming in. some more drooling…

Here come the canines…


“Open the gate, for I am coming upstairs”

Yes, O mighty ruler of our household. Your loyal subjects await your demands commands requests.


Why don’t we play “What’s in your purse today?”

Here’s mine:



USB flash drive

envelope full of coupons

cell phone



small pack of baby wipes

a board book

a rattle

target gift cards

sharpie marker

burp cloth


Yep, I’m a mom!

Little T is feeling better today. He is also teething…check it out. Sprout in the middle, breaking forth on the left, swollen gums on the right. Also notice the copious drooling.

one sprout in the middle, one breaking forth on the left, swollen gums on the right

Fun times, I tell ya.


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