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Research is going well

Research is going well.
I just need to give an update on how things are going at work. Things are going so well at work, I am almost afraid to say it out loud. Experiments are working, we are preparing another manuscript, I am learning to use new software for data analysis…and the implications of said data are potentially enormous!! I am doing it! I am exhausted half the time, and i require a certain level of caffeination… but I am doing it!! I am WIFE. MOM. PhD. I may not be doing everything perfectly, but I will not stop trying.

Yea, it’s going well.

This is one of those empowering posts…to keep myself going. Hope it works! 🙂


“Put him in the exersaucer”

Basically, Big T wanted us to confine Little T so that Little T would not mess with his trains.

That’s just not right…

I mean, there’s nothing wrong with the exersaucer, and we do use it on ocassion. In fact, sometimes Little T himself will go stand up against it and play with the toys, so we just put him in it. But Big T suggesting that Little T should go in it just for his own convenience is a little…diabolical.

Little T took his first step on Saturday evening. Pretty soon he’ll be walking for real, and then Big T will be in real trouble. Little T is also sprouting another tooth. Just milestones all over the place.

Speaking of milestones, I recently reached one at work, and I am really excited that things are going so well 🙂

Today is one of those days when I feel like I’m doing the whole wife, mom, phd thing well. I’m really doing it. I know days will come when I won’t feel so accomplished. I had better bask in the glow today.

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