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“I want my oatmeal!”

Big T was being a little bratty this morning. (Is it bad to call your own kid bratty? He really was being a pill). Yelling, demanding things, throwing tantrums. I offered him time-out and he said no, thank you. And that seemed to curb his misbehaviour. It was just one of those mornings.

Staying home today. Little T still has a fever and I suspect he will be staying home tomorrow.

Ever have one of those days where you are just TIRED? Well, I just had 3 of them in a row. I am not sure why I feel so worn out. Physically AND mentally. I literally cannot keep my eyes open beyond 10pm. And now, I am completely stressing out because my “I won’t be at work today, my child is sick” email to The Boss was unanswered. Does she think I am slacking off? Is she pissed I am missing a day of work? Usually I get a response along the lines of “I hope he is better soon, take as much time as you need.” This time nothing. ugh. This plus debating whether Little T actually has to go to the hospital has me mentally stressed. Today I am a good mother, but it seems I am a bad employee. That’s how it goes. 🙁

Feel better little one!

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“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

He was thinking about Cars (the animated movie) and I was thinking about work. So no, Big T, I am not thinking what you’re thinking.

I got the dreaded daycare call today. “Your son has a fever of 101 and you need to pick him up. ” It was Little T. I rushed out of lab without finishing my transformations. I placed them on ice. In hindsight, maybe I should have just finished up before going to get the boys. But I did not want to seem like an irresponsible mother. Soooo, now I am back in lab (it’s almost 8pm) finishing up. Since the child-care place has that 24 hour fever-free rule, I will be home for at least one more day.    🙁     🙂   ?????   Not sure if I should be sad or happy. Sad that Little T is not feeling well (of course), but happy that I get to stay with him all day since I missed him all last week, but sad that I will miss a day of work, but happy that I might accomplish some things while he naps tomorrow…

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“Hi Mommy!”

*That was Big T skyping with me*

Yay!!!!! I got to skype. Aaaaahhhhh! I got to see my babies 🙂 And my hubby 🙂 🙂 Big T and Little T are both well. I joined them for dinner virtually. Oh, technology…how I love thee.

I gave my presentation today, and it went well. I might have even set up a potential collaboration. Then at dinner, I met more cool people. Scientists. And a couple of spouses. We ended up just hanging out all evening.

The only thing I have not done here is use the pool or play at the beach. Goals for tomorrow: Go to lots of talks, eat only one dessert (no more!), got to the pool AND the beach, do some reading.

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