Little T has quite a few words now. The one he says the most (by far) AND in context is “Thank you“. But it sounds more like “tak oooo”.

Literally the cutest Thank you EVER.

At least I am raising a polite young man. I ran into a lady in the hallway at work yesterday. Rude, rude, rude as can be. She was lost and needed directions. And apparently maybe she thought I worked for her or something. She came to me asking for directions. I have to admit, I chuckled a bit, because she was waaaay lost. Like “how did you get here if you were trying to go there” kind of lost. But it wasn’t a condescending chuckle. It was a commiserating kind of chuckle. Anyway. I went above and beyond. I walked her half-way to her destination, and then I gave her excellent directions the rest of the way.

aaaaaand…she strode off without a second look at me


Oh she also said “oh yes, yes, that’s where I got lost, got it now” before she strode off.

And then I said “you’re welcome”. But I don’t think the ungrateful, entitled broad with the chip on her shoulder heard me.

I think Little T could have taught her a couple of words. words like “tak oooo”. I didn’t help just to receive a thank you. But it sure would have been nice to hear.

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