This morning, Big T was having breakfast in the kitchen downstairs, and Little T was sleeping in his crib upstairs.

We heard Little T waking up and making sounds in his crib (yeah, did I mention we live in a small house?)…


Big T says “Mommy, the baby is awake. Maybe you should go wipe his nose

This is an indication of how many colds/runny noses/allergies we have had to deal with this year. It is not as fun as you might imagine. Little T in particular hates having his nose wiped. We have to wrestle. And we buy the really really soft tissues. The kind with lotion in it. Still, we have to pin him down in order to wipe his nose. For some reason, he does not really appreciate the fact that we get the lotiony tissues just for him.

Hopefully, this is the worst of it. At least they never got seriously sick.

And Little T’s nose did not need wiping today!!!!

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