I did one of those ExerciseTV workouts today. Of course, Big T would not be left out. Since he has way, way, way more energy than I do, I wound up winded and worn out while he was his jolly old energetic self. In case anyone is interested, I did the 20 minute sweat by Holly Perkins. I did sweat. Not too much, but it felt pretty good.

This is sad. I was out performed by a 3 year old.

I need help.


The work week last week was productive but tedious. I was basically doing things a trained monkey could do. They are called DNA minipreps. They are necessary. Essential, even. But after doing about 70 of them over 2 days last week, I was pretty much falling asleep at my bench. Next time, I think I will delegate the miniprepping to someone else. But I always feel weird about doing that. My type A personality won’t let me hand off the simplest of tasks to someone else who is more than capable of handling it, and who has more free time to actually do those sorts of things for me, and has volunteered to do them for me.

I seriously need help.

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