Big T’s new favorite phrase. At least he’s not saying “he!!”. Still, everytime he says it (in the loudest, most surprised tone he can muster) I cringe. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think he got this particular phrase from me, but I can’t be 100% sure. Afterall, I have said “what the heck is going on?” on occassion, and while I do try to not say things like that in front of the little sponge, I may have slipped.

 I like to think he got it from Toy Story or some other disney movie. Yes, I’ll do that…blame Disney. Not that this makes me a better mom – I let my kids watch Disney movies with the word “heck” in it…

Little T is getting so BIG! One thing he does now is throw a little hissy fit whenever he does not get his way. He throws himself on the floor (carefully) and cries. What a diva! And we are now up to 6 full teeth. Although the lack of teeth has never hindered eating. Now he just bites more. Like he’ll randomly nip you on the shoulder or something. They’re almost like loving nips, but not really. I mean, he’s BITING! I always give him a stern look with a “NO THANK YOU, NO BITING” and he gets the message

It’s always something new with these kids!

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